We seek to expand the frontiers of life

Empowerment, strengthening and the search for a future for the peoples and traditional communities of the Western Amazon.

The Fronteiras Institute promotes co-creation processes with peoples and local communities in the search for innovative solutions to socio-environmental problems in the Juruá Valley.

In order to achieve our aspirations of expanding the frontiers of life, we are organized in three programs:

Transformative Learning

Community autonomy

The Fronteiras Institute supports remembering processes, which can increase the peoples’ and communities’ abilities to actively generate bottom-up transformations and, at the same time, ones that are effective for socio-environmental regeneration.

Regenerative Institutions

Community empowerment

We work by relativizing frontiers that limit dreams and perpetuate degenerative institutional patterns in order to foster frontiers that have launched transformative trajectories.

Territorial Mediations

Legal and Strategic Action

The program strives to create solutions to the conflicts over land allocation in a context of expanding agricultural and road infrastructure frontiers, as well as gaps and overlaps among the different categories of land tenure in the Amazon.

Transborder dynamics to achieve relevant socio-environmental changes

Destructive behaviors toward nature, strained social relationships, compromised ecosystems and lack of autonomy to build a future are some of the frontiers of everyday life in many traditional communities.

Currently, we are witnessing the expansion of the frontiers of degradation, deforestation and death over the Amazon. Within this context, our work is required to confront this expansion of human frontiers while eliminating obstacles to the expansion of local frontiers that protect social diversity.

We live and work in the social diversity center of the world and its socioeconomic peripheries. In the center — the dense Amazonian forests of the Juruá Basin, with its multiple peoples, languages and cultures. On the periphery — some of the territories with the lowest Human Development Index scores in the Amazon.

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